Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Candidates, parents protest, demand cancellation of 2016 UTME - Punch Newspapers

Candidates, parents protest, demand cancellation of 2016 UTME - Punch Newspapers: 15167Hundreds of admission seekers to the nation’s tertiary institutions and their parents on Tuesday stormed the Lagos State Governor’s Office in Alausa, Ikeja, and the state Assembly complex to protest against alleged manipulation of the 2016 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. The protesters demanded the cancellation of the exams and the removal of the Registrar of

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Davido and  HKN gang’s concert which was to hold in New York City Last Friday (March 28) was shut down by the New York Police Department.

The NYPD's actions were due to safety concerns and the venue was overbooked.

The singer has since issued an apology to his fans. He is set to perform in Dallas on 4 April and Toronto on 5 April.(MTVBASE)

Monday, 24 March 2014


Graduation Day is the climax of a dream.A parental dream that began when a child is born, And their hope come true it would seem, A triumph held after periods of forlorn, A feeling of pride and euphoria years awayFor a daughter or son - Graduation Day.

It is a peak of success for the graduate, Not only for the graduate but parents too.A joyful event after many years they had to wait, Realizing the glorious thrill of a dream come true, A genuine smile accompanied by a deep sigh, Often a handkerchief in hand as the class goes by.

Graduation is a deserving, hard earned goalWith mortarboard and gown as foretold, A gratifying service of the mind and soulIn a simple and beautiful sheepskin toldThat the graduate fulfilled the educational rule. At last, for the mother and father, a dream come true.Graduation Day! 

Monday, 10 March 2014


Nigeria has undergone several structural changes since its independence. These however has not resulted to any significant economic growth or development, causing questions among people especially the youths. So many promises has been made to reduce unemployment by different government regimes.

This pushed us to interview Prince Tony Momoh, a Nigerian journalist, lawyer and politician who was Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture (1986–1990) during the military regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. He not only talks about the high unemployment rate among the Nigerian youth, but also the country as a whole, economically and politically. In his interview he states what has indeed caused unemployment in Nigeria and the perfect solution to it.

Monday, 24 February 2014


Popular artist Chris Brown who was sent to rehab for 90 -days, is reported to have left the facility shortly after he was reported extending his anger management program.
"He's back home now and he feels good about it," a source close to the star told Hollywood Life.

According to the source, Brown's friends held a party to celebrate his release.
"We had a low-key celebration for him. It was real quiet. A lot of hugs. A lot of thank yous. No big speeches although he said, 'Thank y'all for being there for me. Really appreciate all that. Love.' We weren't trying to turn it into a crying session, we just all wanted to be around him and uplift him and show him how proud of him we are," the source explained.
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Godwin Ayogu, was a 300 level Nigerian student studying social sciences at the university of Cape Coast Ghana who was slaughtered by unknown person/s and his body dumped by the roadside with his intestines showing all over.

Godwin was last seen on Tuesday February 18th at the university. His body was found on Wednesday February 19th.

According to his friends, Godwin, had been planning to return to Nigeria on Wednesday to spend time with his family when his body was found. The Ghanaian police say they are investigating the case, but many of his friends fear the case will not be duly treated so they decided to let the media in on it.
There were also rumors of Godwin's friends being targeted by the unknown murders, this has made the young men flee to safety/


Thursday, 20 February 2014


Come and join BIG IDEAS EVENTS in shaking SUNYANI with a live performance from popular artists JOEY B AND STONE BWOUY at the SUNYANI JUMP OFF. This event is happening on the 21st of February 2014 at the TYCO CITY AUDITORIUM SUNYANI.  



1) Understand Who A Gentle Man is:

A gentleman isn't just someone who can dresses to kill, or controls the things around him and has the ladies at his disposal.
No! a gentleman as the name implies, is a man who is gentle in everything, his walking, his talking, dressing, and most if all gentle on the ladies.

2) Dress like a gentleman

 A gentle man dressing is simple, classy and is very fashionable. Ladies are tired of seeing guys rocking their denim pants with big shirts and huge chains on the neck like dogs (no offense) but ladies want to see those guys dressed on some nice sleek pants, good suspenders, nice belts, good watches and lots more.

3) Be Generous With Compliments

Ladies love compliments, say beautiful things to make them smile, make a little body contact whilst making a compliment, stare right into their eyes whilst complimenting and make sure she blushes before you stop.

4) Know the VALUE OF A WOMAN

Women are like glass cups and men have slippery hands. Women are beautiful, fragile, loving, sweet, but confused, naive, hurt and sometimes desperate.
A woman can make you and break you, she can make u feel dead or make u feel alive.
Knowing the value of a woman makes u know how to handle her.

5) Treat Your Lady Like A Queen

Buy her gifts, give her roses, massage her feet after she has had a long day, buy her perfumes, call her sweet names, let the whole world know she is your woman and stand for her.

 6) Be Intelligent

Being intelligent is very important because you need to be very calculative and know how to handle people and situations and still be gentle at the same time.

7) Be helpful and generous

Try to be very helpful and effective when you need to and also try to be as generous as you can, generous people are loved by many and God blesses generous people.

8) Stay humble

Less bragging, let whatever it is speak for itself. Be real and be yourself, do not try to feel like you are all the 'shit'. People get irritated by that.

9) Be a good cook

Well it's been noticed on many different occasions by different people that men who cook, know how to take good care of their ladies. Many ladies love men that can prepare a good meal.

10) Stay fit

Good physical, mental and psychological exercises are good for the body and mind, and gives you a clearer mind to think critically and dynamically

11) Explore the world

Try new food, clothing, places, countries, languages, know good wines and their roots, know good cars, read new books and be adventurous.


Monday, 10 February 2014


From the support of EUROSTAR GLOBAL LIMOSINE and BANKSHIELD UNIT RECORD LABEL in Ghana, SEDEM presents to the world her debut single 'FALLING IN LOVE' on Monday 10th February 2014.

                                   THE DEBUT SINGLE 'FALLING IN LOVE'

This is debut single by SEDEM featuring one of the world's most unique and popular African rapper M.ANIFEST. M.anifest was voted Best Rapper in 2013 Ghana Music Award.The track is filled with deep conscious love lyrics that can touch the soul of anyone, especially lovers of soul music. The overall perspective and dynamics of 'FALLING IN LOVE' is to officially put the young, youthful romantic energy and versatile trademark on the chosen one and only SEDEM.
The young multi-talented singer and songwriter proves herself to be an icon to look out for and force to reckon with in the music industry.

                                                               ABOUT SEDEM

Sedem Afaglo popularly known as SEDEM is a songwriter/ singer signed to Bankshield Unit. The talented diva who is the second child of her parents is from the Volta part of Ghana and was born on the 3rd of April 1991. She grew up listening to musicians who had great influence on her and defined her passion for music. She is a young hardworking, elegant, dynamic, energetic and multi-skilled artist that is here to stay.
This versatile artist has a lot of sounds/songs to share with the rest of the world which are equally worth waiting for.

Watch out for SEDEM!!!!!

Photograpy by Amfo Connnolly


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Legenda Education Group Malaysia - Cheaper Tetiary Education with UK Standard

Legenda Education Group is one of the largest private tertiary institutions in Malaysia. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic groups of colleges and is fast moving forward in achieving.
Its major mission is to become one of the most
respected centers of academic excellence, not only in Malaysia but also in the Asia-Pacific region.
Legenda Education Group offers courses in Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Architecture, Construction Management, Information
Technology, Computer Science, Business, Accounting, Art and Design, Nursing at foundation, diploma, degree and Master levels. Over the years, more than 32,000 students in the country and region have graduated from the Legenda Education Group.
Some Quick Facts about Legenda Education Group, Malaysia: 
  1. Internationally Recognized Programmes from UK: They partner with leading universities in UK namely LEEDS METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY and UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON in offering the following degree programmes. The degree awarded to students who studied with Legenda in Malaysia is equivalent to those who studied in UK itself. With a UK degree, students will have the opportunity to work in EU countries.

    1. BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance – 3 years
    2. BA (Hons) Business Management – 3 years
    3. BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering – 3 years
    4. BSc (Hons) Computing – 3 years
    5. BSc (Hons) Project Management – 3 years
    6. BA (Hons) Design Product – 3 years
    7. BA (Hons) Graphic Arts & Design – 3 years
    8. BSc (Hons) Computer Animation & Visual Effects – 3 years
    9. MSc Project Management - 1.5 years
    10. MSc Software Engineering - 1.5 years
    1. BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering – 3 years
    2. BSc (Hons) Construction Management – 3 years
    3. BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management – 3 years
    4. BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology – 3 years
    5. BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering – 3 years
                                             Learning Resources
  1. New Linton University College Programmes: Linton University College is currently offering the following portfolio of world class programmes, many of which are professionally accredited. 
  1. BA (Hons) Business Administration – 3 years
  2. B Accounting (Hons) – 4 years; recognized by professional body Malaysian Institute of Accountants
  3. BA (Hons) Accountancy – 3 years
  4. B Electrical Engineering (Hons) – 4 years; recognized by professional body Board of Engineers Malaysia
  5. B Mechanical Engineering (Hons) – 4 years; recognized by professional body Board of Engineers Malaysia
  6. B Civil Engineering (Hons) – 4 years; recognized by professional body Board of Engineers Malaysia
  7. BSc (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering – 3 years
  8. BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering – 3 years
  9. BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering – 3 years
  10. BA (Hons) Fashion Design – 3 years
  11. BA (Hons) English – 3 years
  12. B Education (Hons) TESOL – 4 years
  13. BSc (Hons) Architecture - 4 years; recognized by professional body, Board of Architects Malaysia
  14. B Quantity Surveying (Hons) - 4 years; recognized by professional body Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM)
  15. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Media Design Technology with Digital Arts – 3 years
  16. Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) – 3 years
  17. Bachelor of Information System (Hons) Business Information Systems – 3 years
  18. Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) – 3 years
  19. Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 1.5 years
  20. Master of Business Information Systems – 1.5 years
  21. Master of Civil Engineering – 1.5 years
  22. Master of Engineering in Communications & Computer Systems Engineering – 1.5 years
  23. Diploma in Nursing – 3 years offered by Institute of Medical Sciences Mantin (IMM), Legenda Education Group.

                                                            Student Support

  1. Exceptional Cost: The cost of studies per year inclusive of accommodation at Legenda, Malaysia is only about USD 11,250 as compared with USD 30,000 in the UK (to study for a similar degree in the UK).
Finding a place to think, to eat, to relax, to sleep and to study? What could be more important?

                               Student’s Accommodation Area View at Night.

Three Separate Views Depict the Basic Facilities Available In One Of Student’s Apartment at Mantin Campus.
  1. 200-acre University Campus: Legenda Education Group’s campus is located in a 200 acre university township which offers full residential facilities. In other words, all students will be able to stay within the campus.
                                               Health Care Services
  1. Transfer Opportunities: Students can also opt to transfer to complete their degree in the UK after completing 2 years in Malaysia. Alternatively, they can also continue to pursue their Master’s programme in the UK or EU countries.
  1.  Recognition by The United Arab Emirates: Effective November 2013, we are proud to announce that both Linton University College and Pertama Institute of Technology are now recognized and recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, United Arab Emirates. 
  1. Multinational Exposure & Networking: Students have the opportunity to interact and network with students from more than 50 countries at Legenda and improve their proficiency in English language at the same time.

JOHN    +2348092866547
DAVID   +601112750685

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Selena Gomez Secretly Spent Time In Rehab

Actress/Singer Selena Gomez secretly completed a two weeks stay in rehab last month.
The singer checked in to Arizona's Dawn at the Meadows facility for an undisclosed reason, though her rep confirmed it was "not for substance abuse." This was revealed on Wednesday (February 5).

 On the same day the reports surfaced, one of the singer's BFFs weighed in with some words of support.
"Weakness is living in denial," Demi Lovato wrote on Wednesday without naming names. "Only the strongest people ask for help."
Gomez was reportedly not treated for a drugs and alcohol issue. A spokesperson for the singer explained, "Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse."

A source told E! News that Gomez decided to get some help after pictures of her riding segways with former boyfriend Justin Bieber just after the new year.
"The last straw was seeing them on the Segways," the unnamed source told E! "She needed to work on her emotional life. She needed to learn tools on how to deal with Justin and letting go of that relationship ... This is the first time she's ever taken the time to deal with issues, to deal with herself, with a therapist."

Popular Rapper DMX To Fight George Zimmerman

Its official, DMX who was selected out of 15, 000 applicants and Zimmerman will battle it out in the boxing ring after the rapper was announced as Zimmerman’s opponent for his upcoming celebrity boxing match. 

CNN reports that Zimmerman and Dark Man X are set to fight each other in a boxing match put together by Celebrity Boxing impresario Damon Feldman. Zimmerman recently claimed a desire to get into boxing, claiming that he’d be willing to fight anyone (“even black people”). Of the many, many offers Feldman got for that fight, he ended up settling on DMX, who was maybe the most intimidating rapper in the world in 1998.

Read more from TMZ:
As we first reported, DMX promised to massacre Zimmerman in the ring if he got the chance. To be exact, he said, “I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.” He then said he’d literally piss on George’s face.
Zimmerman might actually have a chance though — as we reported, he’s been training pretty hard for months … oh yeah, and he’s only 30 years old. DMX is 43.
According to TMZ, the boxing match will be 3 rounds, with the date, time, and location being announced at a news conference next Wednesday.

Start placing your bets now guys...who will you be backing...hahaaha


Burna Boy and Lami Philips cover the latest edition of Complete Fashion magazine. Looking wonderful in a denim outfit and gold accessories. In the interview, Burna talks about his career, love and music among other things.
The magazine also gives us an insight on “The Enchanting World of Lami Phillips” who sizzles in a black peplum top.

Deputy Editor of the magazine, Onah Nwachukwu shares some insight on the Valentine’s issue.
“Our Valentine’s Issue updates Complete Fashion faithful readers on gift ideas, trends and of course Aso-Ebi styles from two of the most awaited weddings of 2013.

Our female cover talent, Lami Phillips is one who is truly enchanting. Speaking to her totally changed my perception of the petite lady I saw as I walked into the studio. One word from her you could feel strength on one hand, and on the other, warmth and passion. Talk about having the perfect balance.

I must say that I expected Burna Boy to be hyperactive but much to my surprise, he was very calm. You could tell that inside of him is a jar of talent waiting to burst out. We haven’t seen anything yet. As for his take on love… you’ll just have to read about it.

Also check out our special luxe jewellery collection in ‘Shine Bright’ featuring valentine gift ideas for him and her. Don’t miss out on our special insert in this issue featuring and their brilliant guide to light up the season of love.

As we all search for love and strive to stay happy with the love we have, a quote from one of my favourite authors Paulo Coelho, comes to mind… “The search for happiness is purely personal and not a model we can give to others.”

Styling: Unique James
Black Dress: Lami’s Own
Make-up: Zaron
Photography: Moussa Moussa

Styling: Bosi Lee
Denim Shirt from Diesel
Jewelry: Burna’s Own
Photography: Moussa Moussa

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

$25 Million Estate to Paul Walker's Daughter

In Paul Walker’s will, he assigned his entire estate to his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow who moved to California to stay with him two years ago. The late actor, had assets worth $25 million, including a $10 million home, according to Walker's will, which was filed in Santa Barbara, California, on Jan. 28.

Walker is said to have prepared the document in 2001, the same year that "The Fast and the Furious" was released. Because he had already saved some money from his work in teen movies like "Varsity Blues" and "She's All That."

Walker appointed his father, also named Paul, to manage his affairs, and his mother, Cheryl, to serve as the guardian of his daughter, whom he shared with ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain.

RIP Paul....